CBD Oil for Pain Relief

As more people experience the natural pain relief associated with CBD oil, scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of what powers this “new” phenomenon — has actually been used for thousands of years — might actually hold. CBD Oil for Pain Relief has become a go to method for numerous people dealing with different types of pain.

CBD oil, usually extracted from industrial hemp, is one of more than 120 compounds known as cannabinoids. While people commonly link CBD oil to cannabis, CBD does not affect the same receptors as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the cannabinoid that produces the “high” associated with marijuana.

What we do know is that humans have a complex endocannabinoid system that regulates a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including but not limited to mood, memory, sleep, appetite, pain sensation, and immune responses. This system produces its own endocannabinoids as well as reacting to signals from cannabinoids introduced into the body.

Upon entering the body, THC affects the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors by activating the brain’s reward system and producing feel-good chemicals such as dopamine creating a psychoactive effect. CBD, on the other hand, does not result in an altered state. Instead, it influences the body to use its own naturally occurring endocannabinoids more effectively.

How does that work? For example, CBD can stop the body from absorbing the compound anandamide, which is associated with regulating pain, thereby reducing a person’s feeling of pain. Additionally, it can reduce inflammation which can also result in decreased pain. 

Recently, CBD oil has seen an increase in popularity for easing pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. While these are primary findings, researchers noted significant reduction in inflammation and pain when participants received a topical treatment containing CBD oil.

Scientists continue to compile research on exactly how CBD oil works and how its powers can be harnessed to treat pain.


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