How to Choose CBD Products

Unless you’ve spent the last few months in an isolation chamber, you’ve probably noticed that online and brick and mortar stores everywhere are selling CBD oil and touting its amazing benefits. It can be overwhelming and confusing on how to choose CBD products that are right for you. From helping with anxiety to appetite stimulation, CBD is a promising new health supplement who’s full potential and benefits are still being discovered.

But if you’re new to the CBD craze, where to begin can feel daunting. What is the best way to ingest CBD oil: Drops, pills, inhaling, a topical lotion? We recommend taking our interactive quiz to get an idea where to start. Here are some helpful things to know if you’re a CBD newbie and some tips on how to choose CBD products:

  1. You’re not going to get high. Unless you’re in a state with legalized recreational or medical use (Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington), the CBD product you purchase won’t contain more than trace amounts of THC—the compound that produces the high associated with cannabis. In the states with legalized recreational use, you need to be over 21 to purchase. In states with legalized medicinal use, you need a physician’s recommendation and you must to purchase from a state-licensed dispensary.
  2. Look at how much CBD oil is in products. Dosages are expressed in milligrams (mgs) and vary considerably. You’ll want to know how much CBD is in each dose not the entire bottle. In most cases, we recommend starting with low-dose products. 
  3. Find out where it was grown. Most of the CBD products sold online and in stores are derived from hemp. Many state where that hemp is grown, which is important. Most of the CBD products sold in the U.S. are made from hemp grown in Colorado and Oregon—which have long histories with cannabis—or in Kentucky, which passed legislation to support hemp growers in the last 10 years. Hemp grown overseas or in China and Canada doesn’t face the same stringent regulatory practices and can be grown under questionable conditions.
  4. Check for a product’s certificate of analysis (COA) This shows how products performed on tests checking for CBD and THC levels as well as the presence of contaminants. So if you ever find yourself looking how to choose cbd products this is a great resource.
  5. Understand what the terms mean on CBD product labels. For example, some CBD products are made using CO2 extraction—meaning that high pressure carbon dioxide gas is used (rather than chemical solvents) to extract CBD and other ingredients from the plant. Some products describe themselves as hemp oil, which usually refers to oil made from the seeds of the plants and contains very little CBD and therefore doesn’t contain the same benefits.  

How to choose CBD products that are right for you can be overwhelming. There are many choices, but rest assured by purchasing The Trusted Lab’s products you’re supporting a network of farmers and producers who believe in organic, sustainable farming, producing quality ingredients for safe products, and exceeding regulatory standards.


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