Our CBD Topicals are diverse and rich in natural and potent CBD. This means they carry the full health and wellness benefits of CBD, other phyto cannabinoids, and the natural healing power of terpenes. Topical CBD products are for those who want to effectively target specific body areas prone to stiffness, dryness and other common challenges.

Our Topical CBD products are of the highest quality and all made with natural ingredients. All of our products are put through rigorous testing in a highly specialized lab. Our substantial lab tests help to ensure the quality of our CBD topicals, as well as all of the CDB products we product offer our valued clients at The Trusted Lab.

As more and more people become familiar with the health and wellness benefits of CBD products, the demand for high quality products will increase, and the standards that are acceptable to consumers will continue to rise. It is our policy at The Trusted Lab to not only meet those standards today, but to exceed them.

We proudly stand behind the quality and consistency of our products. Order yours today!