CBD Lab Tests – At the Trusted Lab, we stand by the quality and safety of our full and extensive line of CBD products. Click on each line below to view our lab tests. Please contact us should you have any questions, or if you need help understanding the nomenclature.

Our CBD lab tests are conducted at ISO 17025 accredited labs, which put our products under the most rigorous testing by highly experienced scientists, who proceed with the highest integrity standards. In addition, we have all of our products tested for microbes, lead, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals often found, but not reported, in other CBD brands. Your safety has always been and is always our number one priority.

At The Trusted Lab, we go to great lengths to ensure the high quality and consistent potency of all our CBD tinctures, gummies, soft gels, drops, bath bombs, topicals, drink additives and any of our other fine products.

With so many different types of valued customers, it’s important that we offer an equally diverse line of CBD products designed specifically to meet the demands and needs of our growing clientele base. Our customers have different health and well being goals, as well as different challenges that our CBD products may be able to help them achieve or even alleviate.

For any inquires about our products or lab tests conducted on our products, email [email protected]

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