Our products are made with The Trusted Lab’s highest-quality ingredients. They are crafted from hemp grown in licensed US farms and contain no chemicals, pesticides, artificial ingredients, heavy metals, or harmful solvents. 

All of our products at The Trusted Lab contain the highest quality hemp-extracted oil and are 3rd-party lab tested, natural, and organic. Our formulations are designed to provide the best visually appealing, tactile, flavorful, and aromatic all-natural products. Our goal is to offer you the very best products on the market while upholding the highest standards and providing phenomenal customer service every day.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. You can also call support at +1 (909) 328-6829 or text Us at +1 (909) 328-6829


  • Gift-Wrap


    Send someone special a beautiful gift-wrapped present from The Trusted Lab. The present comes in a sturdy white glossy box, with The Trusted Lab ribbon delicately tied around the box. Inside all the products are nicely wrapped and laid on top of in crinkle paper of the color of your choice. A present anyone will love.

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