Full Spectrum CBD – A CBD blend made with CBD, CBDV, CBD and a bouquet of natural therapeutic terpenes such as  Limonene, Linalool, Borneol and others.
Full Spectrum CBD tinctures are perfect for those seeking fast and noticeable recovery, mood balance, better sleep and overall well-being.
According to US Patent US66305071B1 and 6630507 cannabinoids like CBD have been found to be powerful antioxidant and neuroprotectant agents, making them useful in the treatment of a wide variety of oxidation associated problems.
All our tinctures contain our lab tested, organic, and natural Trusted Lab CBD and are appealing to sight, touch, smell and taste.

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  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil THC Free (30ml)

    $30.00$250.00 or subscribe and save up to 10%

    Our highest quality Full Spectrum CBD oil with undetectable THC is obtained via CO2 extraction from the whole hemp plant. The final product is a uniquely blended oil that maintains minor terpenes and other important cannabinoids. Unlike THC oils, our Full Spectrum oil is not made with isolated CBD or fillers but is a full-plant oil that is free of artificial ingredients.

    The unique extraction process allows us to retain over 80% of CBD in the final product. Although this particular oil has undetectable THC, it is a highly concentrated formula that results in the same effects as a true full-spectrum formula.

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  • Cinnamon Spice CBD Oil (No THC)

    $50.00$90.00 or subscribe and save up to 8.5%

    Get your daily dose of CBD by easily taking this naturally flavored CBD oil. Made in America with organic, clean, potent CBD, our CBD oil is the perfect way to bring harmony and well-being to your life. It can be taken orally or added to your drink of choice. No sugars added. All-natural cold-pressed cinnamon extract.

    Unlike any other CBD tincture in the market, The Trusted Lab CBD tinctures are rich in phytocannabinoids and terpenes. This tincture is 100% THC Free.

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