All of The Trusted Lab CBD products are made of registered hemp grown in licensed farms in the USA.

Broad Spectrum formulations contain CBD and CBDV. Full Spectrum contains CBD plus other therapeutic cannabinoids, and natural terpenes, plus under 0.3 THC. The higher the milligram content, the higher the concentration of cannabinoids. Concentrations of 750 mg (25 mg per serving) or above are considered high potency. 

All our products contain our lab-tested, organic, and natural Trusted Lab CBD and are appealing to sight, touch, smell, and taste. All our products are a source of high-quality, pure CBD that you can count on. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]  You can also call support at +1 (909) 328-6829 or text Us at +1 (909) 328-6829


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