What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

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Full spectrum is a term that refers to the “full profile” of the plant. In this case, it means that the extraction process allowed all of the components found in the hemp plant to become part of the oil. There are over 80 known cannabinoids in the hemp plant. A full spectrum cbd extract should naturally include them in its profile, as well as the natural occurring terpenes, minerals, and other beneficial properties. 

It is usually enjoyed by those who are looking to experience the full profile of the hemp plant- with all its cannabinoid, minerals, terpenes, and nutrients.It is usually used to help relieve the symptoms of stress, pain, worry, and it has been reported to help “balance” the emotions and support an overall feeling of well-being.

Our powerful full strength, 100% thc free pure full spectrum cbd oils are pharmaceutical grade and they are the purest on the market.

The Science

Produced from 100% organic hemp grown on our own farm, our pure full spectrum CBD oil is extracted from the whole hemp plant. Our laboratory developed the safest and most complete purification process, which allows us to extract all of the plant nutrients to turn it into the highest-quality full spectrum CBD oil available in the market.

Unlike many others, all of our tinctures and oils have zero THC, no solvents, no pesticides, and no heavy metals. Our certificates of analysis and constant testing of our products ensure you will always receive the purest, highest quality CBD tincture available in the market.  

The Benefits

Our pure Full Spectrum CBD oils are filled with natural therapeutic terpenes as well as CBD, CBN, CBV, CBC, CBG- making them the most complete full spectrum tincture of its kind.

Our terpenes are naturally extracted. We do not purchase terpenes to add to our oils like some fakers do. Can you believe that? This is why you need to be super careful when purchasing your cbd products, particularly if they seem unbelievably cheap. 

All of these natural occurring ingredients are key in providing you with the numerous benefits of the full plant.

When you receive your pure Full Spectrum CBD oil, you can expect a product with a clean, light color which reflects its purity- usually lighter color means fewer impurities.

Upon opening the dropper of your pure Full Spectrum CBD oil, you will notice a delicate floral aroma caused by the natural terpenes we retain during the extraction process. Others smell like burned sugar or smell like solvent.  Yuck right?

In addition, our oils do not crystallize or solidify, both of which are very common in competitor oils because of a large number of impurities.

The Trusted Lab Full Spectrum Experience

Finally, as you place the first drops of our pure full spectrum under your tongue you will experience a very pleasant taste, unlike other brands that taste like plants, chlorophyll or grass. The feeling is that of calmness, focus and well being that increases as it becomes part of your daily routine.

The experience will be enhanced with each use. We recommend you start with half a dropper twice a day and build up to the full dropper, twice a day.

Get ready for an amazing experience. 



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